Ex-Alderman Newsletter 155 &
Unapproved Chesterfield Newsletter 100

November 27, 2014 -- John Hoffmann's latest combined Town and Country/Chesterfield newsletter is now online for you to download and read. Among the stories in this edition:

Here is a chance to read some news from somewhere besides Ferguson.

We Look at How the "Special" Non-Prosecutor Ignored a Mountain of Evidence in a DWI Case That Sent a Man to the Hospital
Read how how Chesterfield prosecutor and Creve Coeur Judge and defense attorney Tim Engelmeyer dropped the DWI charge against a prominent lawyer. We also point out how the Brentwood Police should have charged attorney Scott Rosenblum with a felony and never written him a citation to municipal court. Pages 1-9

The Story of How a West County EMS & Fire Protection District Paramedic Kept an Accident Victim's Prescription Meds, the District Got Sued to Say in Writing What They Did With It
The case of Anthony Smith and the WCEMS&FPD ends with a letter with two different dates five months apart and a missing date of when they did something. This is an example why you don't want them coming to your house after surgery to check on you. Pages 9-14

Town & Country Attorney Charged With Stealing from Court Files Gets Hit With a Lien
Pages 14-16

Deer-Vehicle Accident Figures for October Highest Since 2012
2014 had seen a drop in deer-car crashes through the first nine-months of 2014. That changed in October. Pages 16 & 17

Mason Ridge Parents Moving Kids Outside of the School's Boundary
Might as well bus them to New York and rent out a Broadway theater on a Monday for the grade school show. Pages 17-19

Chesterfield City Council Votes to End Property Tax a Year Early
It will be a savings of somewhere between $17 and $28 per resident. Page 20

Three Councilpersons Stick Up for Local Residents and Five Don't
Five city trucks will start refueling with CNG fuel at Parkway Central High School where nearby homeowners have complained about noise and odors for over a decade from the recycling center and vehicle depot. Three councilpersons had apparently been listening. Five others did not seem to care. Pages 20 & 21

Two Lawsuits Deal With Accidental Injuries on City Property
Page 21

Media Watch
New Town and Country Living Magazine for the second issues in a row featured families that aren't living in Town and Country. Page 22

Food Restaurant Review: We Got Scared at the Scarecrow
We thought once we walk through the doors they stole one of our senses. Pages 23-25

Page 26

Happy Thanksgiving
From 1961 enjoy Stan Freeberg's take on the first Pilgrim feast. Page 26

Or click the play button below to watch it right here.

Pages 27-37


Ex-Alderman Newsletter 154 &
Unapproved Chesterfield Newsletter 99

November 19, 2014 -- John Hoffmann's latest combined Town and Country/Chesterfield newsletter is now online for you to download and read. Among the stories in this edition:

Who Do You Give To?
Do you give to a charity helping people this winter or paying for a bronze horse and dog? Page 1 & 2

A Healthcare Professional Responds to Fire District's Community Paramedic Idea
Page 3

A Perfect Person to Represent People Who Don't Pay Their Bills
Pages 3-5

The Importance of Enhanced Grocery Shopping
The trials and tribulations of pushing a cart in a supermarket fuels an Aldermanic debate on a liquor by the drink license for a grocery store. Pages 5-7

The Skip Mange Veterans' Day Stand
Pages 7 & 8

Solar Panels for City Hall Continued Again
Pages 8 & 9

Chesterfield Mayor and City Council Vote to Continue City's Epidemic of Illegal Parking and Littering Convictions While Making Sure There Are Few Theft and DWI Convictions
The most dangerous man in Chesterfield, city judge Rick "Let m Loose" Brunk was just reappointed to three more years. The conflict continues of having a judge who is also a defense attorney for Drunk Drivers. Pages 10-12

Councilwoman Greenwood Gets Two More Police Officers Added to the Budget for Elementary Schools
Pages 12 & 13

Fire Union Refused to Show Up and Bargain With Monarch Fire Board
We got and posted the letters between Local 2665's attorney and the District's lawyer. Pages 13-16

At Special Saturday Morning Council Meeting Chesterfield Council Votes to Have City Run Arts Service
Read the debate and see how the Council dressed for a 9 am Saturday morning meeting. Pages 17-21

New Store for Taubman Outlet Mall Has ARB Seeing Red
Page 21

Lowes Wants City Concessions Over Zoning Requirements
It doesn't look like they are going to get them. Pages 21 & 22

A Look Into the Secret World at Monsanto
Photos of plans for the Chesterfield research facility...somewhere you are never going to get to see close up. Pages 22 & 23

Media Watch
Know where you are! The latest offender! Pages 23 & 24

Complaint Letters
We share an angry complaint letter about my appearances on a morning talk radio program. Pages 24 & 25

Food: This Week We Go to Tuckers and Returning to Tucker's Looking for Something to Complain About
We didn't have any luck. Pages 26-29

Pages 29 & 30

Pages 30-33


Ex-Alderman Newsletter 153 &
Unapproved Chesterfield Newsletter 98

November 12, 2014 -- John Hoffmann's latest combined Town and Country/Chesterfield newsletter is now online for you to download and read. Among the stories in this edition:

Mayor Dalton Adds $25,000 to His Deficit-Laden 2015 Budget to Give Tax Money to Rich People
Read what Dalton plans to bring back. The last time the tax money to rich people plan was in the budget Dalton was laying off women employees and there were some interesting newspaper columns, that we revisited. Pages 1-6

As Predicted, the St. Louis County Board of Elections Has Disastrous Election Day After Gov. Nixon Makes Two Terrible Appointments
Pages 6-8

Local Kook Gets More Votes Than Most Predicted But Proved He Doesn't Know What He is Doing
Page 8

End Of The Year Budget Balancing Lowers Town and Country Deficit a Bit
Page 9

Town and Country Police Busy in October
Read the police activity stats. Pages 9 & 10

Drace Park Update
See the latest with log cabins in Drace Park. Page 11

Former Monarch Board President Had Sexual Relationship With Person She Promoted
Depositions in a current court case reveal that a high ranking officer with the Monarch Fire Protection Board was having sex with the former Board President who promoted him. Pages 12-14

Female Who Sued Fire District is Promoted
Dana Buckley joins Donna Kessler wearing captain bars. Both Kessler and Buckley sued and won over sex harassment and discrimination. Pages 14 & 15

Developer's Team Claims People Hate Government as City Council Puts Safety First on Gas Station and Car Wash Project
Pages 15-21

The Mayor is Either Getting no Respect or is on a Very Tough Diet
Page 22

Police Chief Doesn't Want to Have to Charge Hookers With Operating Without a Business License ..... He Wants a City Prostitution Law
Pages 22 & 23

New Ordinance Requested for too Many Dogs and Cats
Page 24

Resident and HOA Trustee Wants Better Enforcement of Jerk Neighbors Who Set Off Commercial Grade Aerial Fireworks Over Neighbor's Homes
Page 25

Police Want Texting While Driving Ban ..... We Suggest a Texting While Legislating Ban
Pages 26 & 27

The popular Lester's on Clayton Road near Baxter apparently was not popular enough. It closed for good last week. Page 27-29

We Go to Lunch at Mike Duffy's
Pages 29-32

How to Smoke a Turkey Cheap
Page 32

Pages 32 & 33

Pages 33-37


Restaurant Reviews
Listed by date, newest first
Scarecrow, 11-25-14
Tuckers, 11-12-14
Country Club, 11-2-14
Duffy's, 10-30-14
Smitty's, 10-29-14
Panda Express, 10-22-14
Kim Cheese, 10-15-14
Miller's Crossing, 10-3-14
Harpo's, 9-26-14
Lester's, 9-18-14
Mongolian BBW, 9-11-14
Talayna's, 8-29-14
Circle 7 Ranch, 8-24-14
Mia Sorella, 8-17-14
The Hanger, 8-10-14
Annie Gunn's, 2-24-14
Cooper's Hawk, 12-20-13
Gangs Of Town and Country
Gangs of Town and Country, Updated 10-22-14
Our Favorite Police Reports

Brett Cervantes
DWI, 3-29-13
Domestic Disturbance, Disorderly Conduct, Assault on Police Officer, 1-25-12
DWI, 2-12-11

Jon Dalton, Jr.
DWI, 6-23-12
DWI, 1-1-12

Ted Federer, a.k.a. "T-Fed"
DWI, Driving While Suspended, Possession of Marijuana, Speeding, No Proof of Insurance, Open Alcohol in Car, 5-18-13
This download has the following three police reports in one download:
  • Stealing Under $500, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, 1-11-12
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Providing False Information, 2-13-12
  • Destruction of Property, Stealing Under $500, 3-29-12

Katie Huggard
DWI, 7-1-11 ("I have a bulldog lawyer!" Threatened to urinate in Police car.)

David Karney
Alderman David Karney sends threatening emails to Alderman Fred Meyland-Smith under the fictitious name Jeff Storehouse, 2010

Dan McLaughlin
DWI, No Proof of Insurance, Leaving Scene of Accident, 9-25-11
DWI, 8-16-10 (Saturated pants.)

Richard Rognan
Patronizing Prostitution, 8-8-13

Scott Rosenblum
DWI, 4-29-14
Accident, 4-29-14
Other Downloads
Shannon Woolsey lawsuit, sexual harassment, Town & Country Police Department, 2013